Johnson Student Bible Club; AKA: JSBC

Staff Advisors and Support: Mr. Perry Paxton and Joyce Dudas


This is a student led club with staff as facilitators and materials provider.

The purpose of the club is to provide an opportunity for Johnson students to read and discuss the Bible together.  They will have the opportunity to ask Bible questions and also discuss from prepared topics.  During special seasons of the year, they will have an opportunity to remember, celebrate, and learn about some of the special Holidays mentioned in the Bible.  As time and interest provides students may participate in singing and crafts inspired by stories or events mentioned in the Bible.  Time will also be provided for students to get to know each other better through meaningful games.


It is expected that as the group develops that the club will have opportunities that will serve the Johnson community.  Examples of this are the following:  food drives, special guests—performing dance team and or dance work shop. 

Meetings will most likely meet after school, but some events may meet before school.  Opportunity will be provided periodically for students to meet together for a prearranged lunch together during the lunch time of the staff advisor.