Drone Piloting and Coding

Johnson Now Offers Airblock Drone Coding!


More than just an aircraft

Airblock is made up of 1 core master module, and 6 power modules. Connect them magnetically to quickly build an aircraft, a hovercraft or a variety of other DIY configurations! With Makeblock software, children can get started quickly. Whilst they play, they’ll learn block-based programming, the principles of aerodynamics, exercise logic and use their critical thinking skills.

Johnson Middle is now offering a Drone Piloting and Coding Class. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles(UAV) or more commonly known as drones are one of the fastest growing technologies in the world. Drones can be used for Videography on movie and TV sets, real estate promotions and weddings. The military uses drones for surveillance and dropping ordinances. Drone surveillance is also used by government agencies and theme parks. Drones are even being tested for delivering Amazon packages and pizza. Two of the fastest growing sports are drone racing and battle drones. Drone racing has even cut a broadcasting contract for cable television. Drone piloting and maintenance may be the future profession for many of our Johnson students. This class will equip students with basic drone knowledge to start them of this college and career path. 
Mr. Schammann
Rm 11C
                                                                  Class Syllabus Topics
Chapter 1 : Drone Basics
History of Drones
Military Drones
RC Legacy
Indoor and Toy Drones
Professional Drones
Chapter 2: Powertrain
Speed Controllers(ESCs)
Flight Controllers
RC Transmitters
FPV Systems
Landing Gear
Chapter 3: Ace Pilot
Flight Basics
Pre-flight checks
Skypan International
Flight Modes
The Maiden Flight
Roll, Pitch, Yaw and Throttle
Key Skills
Manual Mode
GPS Autopilot
Chapter 4: Photo and Video
Camera Specification
Exposure Triangle
Amos Chapple
Stills Composition
Video Composition
Dual Control
Programmed Camera
Image Correction
Chapter 6: Resources
Drones and the Law
Safe to Fly
Airblock Coding
                                                              Drone Racing
The Drone Class is attempting to build a Drone Racing Team. Students need to be committed to learning to pilot and maintain the school drones. Students will compete against each other and other teams. All Johnson students can try out  for the team.