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Mission Statement


Students will learn the English Language Arts Common Core Standards while working in collaborative teams to attain creative problem solving, critical thinking, and effective communication skills.  This blended learning environment will use technology to allow students to develop 21st century skills. Students will set goals and track their growth in reading and writing throughout middle school.


Dr. Robert Rogers
Department Chair
Language Arts Teachers
Ms. Cason            
Mr. Doyle              
Mrs. Dudas           
Mrs. Guzman       
Mrs. Fong             
Dr. Rogers           
Mrs. Barnett        
Mr. Schammann  
Mr. Thornton        

ALL 7th Grade Students who will attend the June 11th Sky Zone activity must have a parent complete the Sky Zone Waiver, ONLINE, by May 31.

Use the link, below.

All jumpers must have a valid and current waiver completed and on file in our Westminster Database. A parent or legal guardian must fill out and sign the waiver of any minor. You are welcome to complete waivers prior to the date of your event. If your guest has submitted an online waiver, please provide us with their full name and date of birth on the guest list, so we can verify. Waivers can be completed at