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Vietnamese » Vietnamese


Course Objective:

This course is designed for you to acquire the foundations of reading, writing, listening and speaking for basic Vietnamese language and culture. You will be expected to participate in class everyday. There will be several forms of assessments which will culminate with two final exams at the end of each Trimester.

Classroom Rules & Policies:

The golden rule: BE RESPECTFUL to your teacher, classmates, work, school properties, and yourself.


Along with the district and school’s student behavior expectations, and the golden rule above, the following must be abided by at ALL TIMES:

  • Follow teacher’s directions. No disruptive behavior during class.
  • ABSOLUTELY no food or drink (except water) or chewing gum during instructional hours.
  • Respect must be given to all people in this and adjacent classrooms.
  • Participate in all activities and discussions. No sleeping during class.
  • Treat school and personal property with respect.
  • Be prepared for class.
  • Attend class regularly, on time, and be ready to work when the bell rings.
  • Take responsibility for any missed work and turn in all assignments on time.
  • Always try your best and request help when you need it.


Violations of classroom rules will result in the following progressive discipline plan and may include additional detentions/referrals and parent-teacher-administrator conferences.

1st Violation: Verbal warning                                                       2nd Violation: 30 minutes detention

3rd Violation: 1 hour detention & parents will be notified                4th Violation: Administrative referral

A Note to Parents:

It is my sincere desire to see your child succeed in this class. Learning the material well will only result from your child’s dedication and determination.  A major part of reaching proficiency in the material is active participation during instruction—a commitment to class attendance, completion of assigned work and persistence through difficult times.  Gaining understanding and competency in foreign language is achieved through sustained effort and hard work.


If Vietnamese is a language that is spoken at home, please continue to speak Vietnamese to your child. Encourage your student to respond in Vietnamese. Exposure to and practice of the language will help your child’s progression.


Please check regularly with your child to make sure that she/he understands the material and completes her/his assignments on time. Regular attendance is vital to content comprehension. Although circumstances may arise where students will have to miss school, they should make every possible effort to catch up and make-up any exams they have missed. Homework is assigned almost everyday.


Mr. Gentile