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Choir Class Procedures

The primary purpose of the choral program at Johnson Middle School is to provide students with an educational experience in music.  The program emphasizes those skills and concepts that will provide a foundation for life long learning and a unique way of knowing and understanding the world.  Therefore, the primary function of the choral program is to develop student skills in:
  • Performing a varied repertoire of music
  • Reading and notating music
  • Listening to, analyzing and describing music
  • Evaluating music and musical performances
  • Understanding music in relation to history and culture
  • Comprehending the importance of music and its relationship to both other arts and disciplines beyond the arts.
Remember - it is important to understand that the skills that are necessary to succeed in chorus are the same skills necessary to succeed in any music program.  The voice is an instrument that must be practiced like any other instrument.  Gaining confidence, control and developing versatility with the voice requires thoughtful practice and dedication.
Performance Participation  
Performance is the ultimate goal of all choirs and its members.  It is the true test of our rehearsal skills and musicianship, so it reflects your commitment to ensemble, as well as your individual musicianship.  For this reason ATTENDANCE IS REQUIRED at every performance. 
Choir Director:
Mr. Ponce