Science Department

Welcome to Johnson Middle School - Science Department.


The science program at Johnson Middle School is designed to engage and challenge students and build upon their study of science using an inquiry based science curriculum aligned with the NGSS.
           All students will begin in Science 6 where the focus of study is the Scientific Method and Earth Science. Throughout the year they will learn about  plate tectonics, Earth’s layers, climate, the atmosphere, weathering and erosion, and astronomy.

        Their study of science will continue in Science 7 where the focus of study is Life Science. Students will explore all aspects of life, including cells, genetics, ecology, evolution and human anatomy, to name a few.

        ​As an eighth grade student their science education will include the topics of Chemistry and Physics. Students will learn about matter, the periodic table, bonding of elements, chemical reactions, force, motion, energy, electricity and magnetism.



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Mrs Dilorenzo                         
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