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DiaboloFest! by Jester Games
On Thursday, November 12 2015, our school hosted a DiaboloFest. The diabolo (Chinese yo-yo) is an ancient Chinese juggling art form and alternative sport. “Diabolo” is a Greek word meaning: “across throw” The program took place during our PE classes, where students were introduced to the diabolo and had a chance to play with one and experience it personally! Each period was hosted by a professional Diaboloist who gave one-on-one instruction and treated us all to a phenomenal display of advanced tricks, with a spectacular performance at the end of the period! The diabolo will help us all to develop skills, expand creativity, and increase activity.
For the next 3-5 school days, the Jester Games Pro Diabolo will be available for students to purchase for $25, which includes the diabolo plus sticks and string. The Pro Diabolo is made in the U.S.A. of high quality rubber. Also available will be the Jester Games Instructional DVD for $5 – a 60 minute, professionally-produced DVD instructing in everything from diabolo basics to tricks and even two diabolos at once. The DVD is a fun and easy way to perfect diabolo skills. All payments will be accepted in cash or check made payable to Jester Games.
To see diabolos in action, check out Hundreds of tricks can be performed with the diabolo, and they’re a great way to get your child outdoors for some fresh air, fun, and exercise! There’s no obligation to buy, but diabolos make great gifts and are not sold in stores! Plus, Jester Games will donate diabolos to our PE department based upon our sales. If you have questions, please contact JMS PE Department at 714-894-7244 .
For more information about diabolos, visit