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JMS Fitness Center

Johnson Middle School Fitness Center


13603 Edwards Street

Westminster, CA  92683


Daniel Owens              Brandy Hernandez

Principal                        Assistant Principal                                          



The JMS Fitness Center is here and offers a state-of-the art facility!


Johnson Middle School students will now become enrolled as participants of fitness training.  They will receive instruction for a safe and effective workout routine within their scheduled Physical Education Class. Instruction will include desired number of sets and repetitions to build strength as well as cardiovascular exercise to build endurance.


Physical Education Teachers will present an overview of how to use each piece of equipment. Students will be required to wear the full JMS PE Uniform and laced athletic footwear. The safety of our students using the exercise equipment is our priority. 



All students are expected to display a positive attitude. Students behaving inappropriately will result in loss of privilege. Respect/ Effort/ Pride must be shown at all times.


Students will be permitted to use the center only:


#1 when adhering to the guidelines of being dressed in the PE uniform with athletic footwear

#2 following the exact direction for safe use of equipment

#3 walking calmly from Locker rooms into Fitness Center

#4 demonstrating care and maturity during training



Strength and Resistance Machines, Dumbbells, Benches, Exercise and Medicine balls, Kettle Bells, Exercise Bikes, Jump Ropes and more.


Our Center is designed to give students the opportunity to learn fitness concepts and conditioning techniques used for obtaining optimal physical fitness. Students will benefit from weight training and cardiorespiratory endurance activities. Students will be empowered to make wise choices, meet challenges, and develop positive behaviors in fitness.  Emphasis is placed on students learning personal fitness, including health-related fitness and wellness concepts, self-assessments, and activities.


We look forward to using the Fitness Center in the Physical Education Program for Strength and Conditioning of our JMS Students. Students will have the opportunity to meet their personal fitness goals at the JMS Fitness Center!


Thank you;



Daniel Owens             Melissa Towning          Jason Carey                 Kay McFall                  Jim Doyle       

Principal                      PE Teacher                  PE Teacher                  PE Teacher                  PE Teacher