Johnson Middle School

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The New Fitness Lab Has Opened

      Obesity is major problem affecting young people today. Type 2 diabetes is also skyrocketing among teenagers. In 1994 diabetes was at 5% for this age group, currently that figure has rose to 20% according to the CDC. The leadership at Johnson Middle School decided that they needed to do something about this epidemic that affects the health of so many of our students.
      Johnson is one of the few Middle Schools in Orange County that provides a state of the art fitness lab at no cost to students. Parents that are looking for a school to prepare their child for a rigorous sporting program may want to consider Johnson to meet that need. Parents that just want their children to have access to a gym to stay healthy and live an active life may want to enroll. Students have access to the lab in the mornings before school and during Physical Education. We believe that every student has the right to a healthy lifestyle.