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Principal's Message

Dear Johnson Parents, Families and Friends;

I am excited to get our 2023-2024 School year started.

The school's dedication to its vision, “Empower life-long learners” has enabled students
to have access to the highest level of education to meet high expectations. In addition
to academic expectations, we are excited to expand the enrichment opportunities for
our students to help strengthen the overall experiences of Johnson students.
The empowerment of students is not an easy task. The demands and complexities of
teaching children increase each year, and it has become more vital than ever that the
school, family and community work together to ensure success for all of our students. It
is everyone’s responsibility to empower children with the creative, intellectual, and
decision-making skills necessary for them to become socially, physically, emotionally
and academically successful.

Staff has worked hard developing an educational program that supports all students and
incorporates Common Core Standards. The lessons are designed to prepare students
for the future by developing their content knowledge, vocabulary, social skills and their
basic desire to learn. These lessons along with the enrichment programs offered will
make Johnson students ready to tackle High School, College and beyond.
I am looking forward to a great 2023-2024 and know that our experienced and
dedicated staff is ready to put Johnson Middle School’s Mission statement into action –
“Johnson Middle School provides opportunities and support in an academic learning
community that encourages students’ to make positive choices for success.”

Daniel Owens

Johnson Middle School