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ATTENDANCE Regular attendance is important to each student's education and a vital factor in academic success. Students are expected to come to school on time on all days they are able. Please do not arrive before 7:45AM.


Excused Absences, per the State of California, are absences due to illness, medical, dental, or court appointments, death in the immediate family, a quarantine; or immunization exclusion; and religious holidays. Please note that missing 30 minutes or more of class time at any point during the school day is considered to be an absence and needs to be verified. All absences require verification from the parent or guardian. To verify, please tell the office your absence date(s) and reason for absence.

DISMISSAL FOR APPOINTMENTS Parents/Guardians can help foster academic success by avoiding appointments during school hours. If a student must be removed from school for any reason, a parent/guardian must come to the office, present ID, and sign the student out. Students are to be met in the front office only. Students will not be allowed to walk home to meet a parent for an appointment or walk to their scheduled appointment from school. Partial day absences from school will be recorded in the student’s attendance record. Appointment verification must be given to office for the absence to be excused.

TARDIES Please be on time for classes. Students who are tardy must go to the office window to complete a tardy form. Excessive tardy issues will result in loss of privileges or disciplinary action.

TRUANCY According to the Education Code of the State of California any student who is absent from school without valid excuse, or tardy in excess of 30 minutes, is TRUANT. Truancy will result in disciplinary action.

ATTENDANCE INTERVENTION The school will notify families of attendance concerns after three absences or tardies and will use its own resources to help correct attendance problems including parent-student-administrator conferences, detentions, or disciplinary action. Students with patterns of poor attendance that the school cannot correct will be referred to the School Attendance Review Board (SARB) with the Westminster Police Department, along with District representatives, to create a final contract. The final action may result in removal from the school, placement in an alternative school, or criminal consequences.

INJURIES AND ILLNESS If a student becomes ill or injured at school, a student request for a pass from the teacher to report to the office is appropriate. If the student is too ill to remain at school, the office will call the parent/guardian to come for the student. Under no circumstances is the student to call or text his/her parent or guardian to come for him/ her and leave the premises without the school’s knowledge. Make sure there are at least two other adults listed as Emergency Contacts in Aeries in the event a parent cannot be reached.

MEDICATION ADMINISTERED AT SCHOOL Medication should be taken at home. If a student must take medication during school hours, please contact the school nurse to make arrangements.